About i3 Farm Equipment

i3 has been providing top quality farm and agriculture equipment and exceeding customer expectations in Crestwood, KY since 1967. In 1967 i3 opened its first branch in Crestwood, Kentucky. The branch started off small but quickly grew in size and scope. Business took off and another branch was opened in Lexington, KY in 1978. Ever since, i3 Farm Equipment has dedicated ourselves to provide the best farm, agriculture, and Lawn and garden equipment, customer appreciation, and quality standards to their beloved Kentucky customers.

i3’s Crestwood, KY location offers a large inventory of farm equipment including tractors, lawn mowers, attachments, chainsaws, outdoor power equipment, hay equipment, harvesting equipment, planting equipment, parts and much more.

The most unique dealership in the US, we sell everything. We also serve surrounding markets Buckner, LaGrange, Prospect, Eminence KY along with Oldham, Henry and Jefferson counties in Kentucky.

FARMERS insurance

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All Years
2012 John Deere 4720
Category tractor
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 4720
Location Clinton, OK
Year 2012
Price $39400
2016 John Deere 5075E
Category tractor
Manufacturer John Deere
Model 5075E
Location Tifton, GA
Year 2016
Price $41500
2013 Case IH 8230
Category Harvesting
Manufacturer Case IH
Model 8230
Year 2013
Price $217300